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Atanas Stoyanov Gemedzhiev Exceptional performance and endless championships

A unique achievement by the Bulgarian student Atanas Stoyanov Gemedzhiev during his participation in the last three editions of Horus International Mathematics Competitions, Atanas achieved an advanced position in all the tournaments in which he participated, in addition to his participation in the World Mathematical League.

Atanas Gemedzhiev participated in the fourth Horus International Mathematics Competition which was hosted by Dubai, UAE, in mid-February 2022, during which he achieved Champion status. He was ranked The Champion of Champions during his recent participation in the Sixth Horus International Mathematics Competition Amsterdam 2023.

Atanas Stoyanov Gemedzhiev, participated as a representative of the SmartyKids Bulgaria Company, whose students are characterized by leading many international championships in the field of mental mathematics, as the student also achieved an advanced position in the World Mathematics League classification which confirms the exquisite success of the Bulgarian student in all the International Competitions, he participated in.

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