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Participate in the Horus Championship and start your journey around the world

In a pleasant surprise for all sports fans around the world, Al-Tariq Training Company - the organizing company for the Horus International Championship - announced that the sixth Horus International Mathematics Championship will be organized in its sixth edition in Europe, specifically in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

Al-Tarek for Training Company confirmed in a statement that the company aims to transfer the organization of the tournament between the continents to provide a unique and distinct experience for all participants to embark on their own journey around the world and come into contact with international experiences and expertise, whether in the field of mathematics or other fields.

Al-Tarek for Training Company is also interested in providing the highest levels of welfare for students participating in the tournament and their families, whether in terms of accommodation or services provided during the tournament’s activities, so the company chooses major international hotels to host the tournament’s activities to ensure that all events come out with the highest organizational quality

Al-tarek Company
Al-Tarek Organization
An organization of Egyptian origins working in the field of supporting educational services for companies and entities that aim to provide educational and training programs in the fields of mathematics.