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Al-Tayeb and Al-Qassem. Two brothers - Tow heroes

In an achievement that proves the capabilities and capabilities of the Egyptian child and the extent of his ability to compete internationally in all fields, two Egyptian brothers achieved a unique achievement by obtaining three international titles in the field of rapid mental mathematics, the last of which was the title of the International Horus Championship, which was held in Egypt at the beginning of September with the participation of students representing 15 nations.

The last title was their third, after they achieved the title of the WAMA International Mathematics Championship, which was organized in Dubai in September 2021, in addition to their achievement of the title of the Horus Championship in its fourth edition, which was also held in Dubai at the beginning of this year, where Al-Tayeb Hussein, 12 years old, achieved the title of the three championships. He won the first place in each championship, while his brother Al-Qasim also won the first place in the three championships for the age of 7 years.

Engineer Hussein Al-Tayeb, the father of the heroes, says that he has been keen since the inception of his children on their continuous participation in international tournaments and forums, which has a very important impact on the development of their abilities and potentials, especially in the field of mathematics, which works to develop their skills in solving rapid arithmetic problems and improving their ability to think and create.

Engineer Hussein also emphasized the ability of the Egyptian student, which qualifies him for strong competition in all fields and different sports, which was evident through the participation of his sons in those tournaments.

He advised families on the importance of ensuring competitive experiences for their children and occupying their time with good preparation and training in one of the areas preferred by their children, whether sports or cultural, because of its many positive effects, including the consolidation of the principle of competition and challenge within the child, the development of his sportsmanship and the ability to confront and accept victory and loss.

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