Horus Championship
 A global competition between mathematics companies and programs in various countries of the world. It consists of 12 competitions throughout the year, through which the league champion and the student with the most achievements and grades throughout the year are determined.

HOCS Results



The system of competition

An integrated system for competition was built based on the classification and arrangement of skill, speed and love of the fans for the players in the league. Through this arrangement and classification obtained by the competitors, each company obtains degrees that differ according to the different centers of its students and by collecting them the order of companies is determined every month and at the end of the 12 competition the scores obtained are collected each company to determine who is the league champion, as well as the grades of all students to determine who is the best league player for this year

Features and advantages of competitions in the World League

The World Mathematics League competitions are the first of their kind in the world, and the competitions have been prepared with a system that makes mental arithmetic a real and integrated professional world

The competitions are carried out 365 days a year, not just one day, whether through exams or voting races

The top-ranked students in each of the groups also get cash prizes every month

Participation in the World League brings outstanding students financial prizes of wide fame that only we will find

The idea was built for the league so that all parties would be a winner, the student, the company and the parent, through continuous competition throughout the year, free of charge

Students participating in the Horus International Championship are promoted to the world league and international classification for free and without incurring any fees

Welcome to your new world of professionalism
Now, begin your new journey of ambition and success under the supervision of international experts in the field of quick arithmetic and in front of the eyes of thousands of fans from all over the world

Al-tarek Company
Al-Tarek Organization
An organization of Egyptian origins working in the field of supporting educational services for companies and entities that aim to provide educational and training programs in the fields of mathematics.