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Al-Tarek for Training participates in the Fourth International Scientific Conference of Mathematics by displaying CROSS Educational System

Al-Tarek for Training Company has participated in the Fourth Scientific Conference of Mathematics, which was organised by the Egyptian Association of Mathematics Education under the title “Philosophical Visions and Applied Curricula”, which reviewed the most important modern scientific researches in mathematics education.
During the conference, Esraa Abd Al Rahman,  the mathematics researcher, and the member of the Al-Tarek for Training Company team for the development of mathematics education systems in the company, presented a scientific research titled “The Guided Imagination Strategy and its Role in Teaching Mental Arithmetic to Primary School Students,” during which she emphasised the importance of integrating the concept of imagination and creativity among students during their learning of mathematics, which gives them more desire to explore the secrets of this important science, referring in this regard to the CROSS System launched by Al-Tarek Global Organization and adopted by Al-Tarek for Training for teaching mathematics, which applies the latest modern scientific systems to teach mathematics through creativity, imagination and linking mathematics sciences in all walks of life.

  Engineer Mohamed Gad, technical director of the CROSS Education System, commented on the scientific research submitted by the researcher Esraa Abdel Rahman, that the system relies primarily on igniting the enthusiasm and passion of students to learn mathematics with the development of all technologies that guarantee us an organised and accurate educational process with evaluation systems and tests to measure students’ levels and the extent of Accommodate them, periodic review, tournaments and competitive confrontations between them and students from different countries of the world to develop students' scientific and mental levels.

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