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The launch of CROSS Educational System with AI Technology

The launch of CROSS Educational System with AI Technology

Al-Tarek Global Organization announced the launch of its highly developed Educational System “CROSS”, that uses AI and virtual reality technologies, to achieve an educational experience filled with imagination and creativity for all the children of the world.

Al-Tarek Global Organization revealed that CROSS Educational System is prepared and implemented by a team of Al-Tarek Global experts, based on the latest technologies in the fields of AI and harness it in developing the teaching process and developing the students capabilities and skills, while integrating many mechanisms that provide students with the opportunity to imagine and create.

Al-Tarek for Training Company is the first educational institution to use CROSS System by adding its own curricula which were developed by its experts. Al-Tarek for Training Mental Mathematics programs Alpha and Beta were the first programs to be added to CROSS System, then it was followed by English and Arabic programs.

CROSS System have the ability to hold hundreds of curricula and programs with different languages as well as schools’ curricula where the students can learn in the heart of the desert, or while discovering the vast space, diving into the depths of the sea, or revealing the secrets of the forests.

CROSS Education System uses an automatic review system to assess students' educational levels and the rate of development of their skills, as well as a comprehensive system of tests to measure and evaluate students' progress.

Al-Tarek Global Organization opens the participation of all students from different countries of the world to benefit from CROSS System, and for companies and agents in different countries to benefit from the technological capabilities of the system, within the framework of the support provided by the Al-Tarek Global to all international companies working in the field of education and training.

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