Mental Math for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

We have been searching for how to serve children with disabilities and to transfer their lives into a world full of excitement and scientific competition.

And our research has enabled us to work with blind and visually impaired children, so we conducted many experiments for them with one of the blind heroes.

Through our research and our experiment, we have come up with the curriculum and the method that enables them not only to learn mental mathematics, but also takes them to worlds full of pride, excitement and awards.

All of this is fully sponsored by Al-Tarek Organization, so we invite all companies to cooperate with us to create in this world a parallel world of excitement and excellence to blind and visually impaired children.


So we decided to start with our partners in HORUS to announce the following


  • Launching the first International Mental Mathematics Championship for blind students and the beginning will be in Romania. Each country that will participate in Romania must bring one or two students and the participation of students and their guardians will be free.
  • Announcing world blind league and starting the first round will be in Romania.
  • We are well aware that teaching mental mathematics is new to all companies and to maintain this initiative free, we have decided to share our research, curriculum and methods of teaching mental mathematics to blind children that have been tested on Malak who will show you her skills through the videos.
  • So CROSS system will provide technology to teach them and will also teach the teachers for free the methods they can use with blind children and the CROSS curriculum.
  • We make sure that the idea is not exploited by any other company or to make money from blind students during their training and for this reason the participating students will be only CROSS students who will announce their free participation.
  • We are well aware that every company needs funding to survive, that’s why we have opened the doors to blind children’s sponsorship for all companies. They can get sponsorship from companies to fund children’s training but not get money from them. Sponsoring children’s training or sponsoring their participation in competitions is considered an official sponsorship and their brand will be published as an official sponsorship on the companies’ social media websites.
  • There are two types of sponsorship: sponsorship for training and sponsorship for competing in HORUS championships and World Mathematics League. The sponsors, who will fund students in championships, will carry the flag of the organization and the logo of the sponsor will be printed on the t-shirts of students. While students compete in the League, they will wear t-shirts containing the official sponsorship logos.
  • There is no confirmation of any sponsorship unless Al-Tarek Organization confirms and fully reviews its conditions and value.
  • Each company will receive 75% of the value of training sponsorship, while Al-Tarek Organization will receive 25% of the value of training sponsorship and Al-Tarek Organization will provide curriculum, educational platforms and teacher training.
  • The logos of the official sponsorship for blind children in HORUS or in World Mathematics League will be installed in the championship hall, on the competitors’ t-shirts and on social media websites. Al-Tarek Organization will receive 75% of its value, while the company will receive 25%.
  • We will strive to set a record in the Guinness World Records in the Romanian championship for the first blind child who can solve a large number of questions in record time. Romania will be the beginning of a life full of excitement, fame and competition in the world of the blind and visually impaired.

Professionals Mental Mathematics League (Teachers – Elderly\Seniors)


Through our research and studies of everything interesting on this planet, we have noticed that all sports include the age of children and the age of free competition for trainers.

We decided that it’s time for professionals (teachers and seniors) to learn and participate in competitions.

It will be a great and wonderful adventure since in the same competition, the parent and the child will participate together and for the first time the parents will not attend as spectators but as players.

So we decided in Romania that there will be a department for professionals with ages starting from 20.

We are considering their prizes to be great financial prizes, and in addition they will receive certificates in international competitions just like their children

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