The advantages of Obtaining Al-Tarek Organization Agency

The advantages of Obtaining Al-Tarek Organization Agency
  • Concluding a cooperation protocol to benefit from the organization’s services, whether technical or scientific.

  • Organizing an international tournament inside and outside Egypt with the participation of member companies with the availability of (free accommodation for two days for the director of each program).

  • Organizing international competitions among member companies throughout the year via the Internet to develop students’ abilities and ignite the spirit of competition among them.

  • Adopting an appropriate subscription price for the members of Al-Tarek Organization agents, whereby the member companies benefit from a discount from the value of the subscriptions in the international tournaments organized by the organization.

  • Integrating the activities of the member companies into the media platform of Al-Tarek Organization, where the organization owns a television program that presents the best talents of the children locally and globally.

  • Implementing advertising and marketing activities directly from the official pages of Al-Tarek Organization to serve the programs of the member companies in advertising and marketing them locally and internationally, by launching funded advertisements on social media sites or the company’s website.

  • Launching an international classification of mathematics programs students in various countries of the world, in which all students of member companies participate. They are registered on the organization’s electronic platform and monthly tests are conducted to determine the levels of students, and an international classification is issued to determine the level of each student and rank it internationally, with prizes awarded to students who win the first places in the classification.

  • In case that the member companies desire to obtain the programs of the Al-Tarek organization, these programs are provided, as well as the trainers, and the trainers of the member companies are granted an international accreditation certificate as international trainers for these programs.

  • Under the cooperation protocol, all programs and services provided by companies are studied and develop plans aims at publishing and marketing the programs of member companies within Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Holding regular meetings to exchange experiences and information among member companies.

  • Studying the organization of bilateral activities and the exchange of visits for students of the member programs to get acquainted with the different experiences and gain additional capabilities.

  • Providing media support in the form of videos, designs and advertisements for the benefit of member companies.

  • Publishing the picture and name of the general manager of each of the member companies on the official website of Al-Tarek Organization, and continuous follow-up to express opinions on various scientific issues.

  • Publishing the names of the member companies and their official logo on Al-Tarek organization’s website to prove their membership in the organization.

  • Providing all members with the latest specialized scientific studies in the fields of quick mental math and the latest studies of experts all over the world in this field.

  • Organizing recreational activities and games to add fun and rapprochement among the students of the member companies.
Al-tarek Company
Al-Tarek Organization
An organization of Egyptian origins working in the field of supporting educational services for companies and entities that aim to provide educational and training programs in the fields of mathematics.