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Al-Tarek Organization-Companies Services

           Al-Tarek Organization provides distinguished services to companies in accordance with the latest international regulations forced in the field of preparing and qualifying with a modern and unique model for all organizational patterns of competitive activities and events in the field of mathematics, including international and local championships and competitions, according to the latest global technological systems to ensure competitive levels that commensurate with different countries and in consistent with the global development witnessed in the educational sectors on the international level.

Our Vision

  • Developing the work performance of various companies and programs working in the field of mathematics, and to provide the necessary support, whether from the scientific or organizational aspects, to ensure the development and growth of these programs and companies.
  •  Ensure the necessary integration and interdependence between companies and programs working in the field of mathematics in various countries of the world and conclude cooperation protocols to exchange experiences and benefit from the capabilities of various programs.
  • Ensure the growth of financial and investment returns for these programs by developing advertising and marketing systems for all agents and members.
  • Providing full support to all trainers of companies and programs working in the field of mathematics, and for trainers to obtain international accreditation certificates from Al-Tarek Organization.
Al-tarek Company
Al-Tarek Organization
An organization of Egyptian origins working in the field of supporting educational services for companies and entities that aim to provide educational and training programs in the fields of mathematics.