We compete. But love unites us

An enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere prevails in the Horus International Mathematics Championships, but amid feelings of love and mutual respect among all the participants in the championship

Al-Tayeb and Al-Qassem. Two brothers - Tow heroes

Al-Tayeb and Al-Qassem... two brothers achieve a unique achievement by winning advanced positions in three international championships in mathematics in a row

Opening the door to apply for an international training certificate

Al-Tarek Global announced the opening of the door to apply for the international certificate approved by the organization.

An upcoming meeting for members of Al-Tarek Global

Al-Tarek Global announced its intention to hold a meeting that brings together the heads and leaders of the members of the organization

1st Arabian Mental Mathematics Championship

The first Arabian Mental Mathematics Championship was organized by Al-Tarek Global Organization and sponsored by The Saudi Federation for Mind Sports - in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Al Madina - Taibah University with participation of students from different Arab countries.
Students from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Palestine and Sudan participated in the Arabian Championship

A distinguished participation of the Egyptian team in the international championship “Horus” in its seventh edition.

The students of Al Tarek for Training Company took part in Horus 7 International Mental Mathematics championship which was held in Dubai UAE. 

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