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Al-Tarek Organization - Trainers Services

           Al-Tarek Organization provides distinguished services to mathematics trainers, whether they work with mathematics programs companies or individuals, in accordance with the latest international regulations forced in the field of preparing and qualifying trainers.


  • Creating a global network that includes all mathematics instructors around the world and providing them with all possible means of support to spread mathematics to all the students all over the world in all languages.

  • Support all mathematics coaches around the world with the latest technical and technological techniques that contribute to training and teaching students mathematics and bringing them to global levels in this field.

  • Provides its services to all math lovers around the world, qualifying those who have a desire to enter this important field and start with them from the first steps until they reach the international levels of training in the field of mathematics.


  • Including and accommodating all those wishing to enter the field of training at all their levels.

  • Supporting the trainers with all they need of modern tools and techniques that contribute to the development of their training levels.

  • Issuing accredited international certificates stating that they have obtained international accreditation from Al-Tarek Organization as international trainers.

  • Engage in direct experiences with mathematics experts around the world to develop the capabilities of trainers.

  • Conducting organizational experiments for major international tournaments in the field of mathematics in various countries of the world to develop the organizational and technical capabilities of trainers.

  • Dealing with students from different countries of the world to develop the trainers' abilities in communication and exchange of cultures.

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Al-tarek Company
Al-Tarek Organization
An organization of Egyptian origins working in the field of supporting educational services for companies and entities that aim to provide educational and training programs in the fields of mathematics.